a Delicate Balance

Physics, Arcade. [Windows]

Life is a delicate balance. See how long you can maintain equilibrium and rank on the world leaderboards in this arcade game made in 2 days!


Rhythm, Musical [Windows]

Dance Dance Revolution meets brass band's most famous pieces in this fun game! Can you conquer the world as you unlock new songs on your tour and reach Championship level?


Educational, Animals. [Android]

Try and correctly state whether each animal's lifespan is higher or lower than the last to grow the largest link of lifespans possible!


Puzzle, Space Exploration. [Windows]

You wake on a severely damaged ship drifting through space. Do you have what it takes to explore the danger-filled galaxy surrounding you and find a way home?

Pearly gates

Puzzle, Decision Making. [Windows]

Welcome, trainee! You've come at a crucial time. We're making some changes around here. I'll be the judge of what's 'right' and 'wrong'.


Precision Axe Throwing. [Apple iOS]

Can you throw away all of your sanity (and axes) in this fast-paced mobile game? Can you reach the elusive castle that awaits only the most skilled axe throwers out there?